Understanding contractual language and saying no to bad business deals

2020 has been many things but most importantly, for me, a teacher. “How could the most disastrous year of my life teach you anything”, you ask? Well for starters, it helped me find my voice.

Don’t get me wrong, if…

My early 20’s was a major period of growth. I left my family home when I was 21 with a BFA in Visual Arts and was embarking on my next educational endeavor, my MFA in Graphic Design in San Francisco. I went from asking my parents permission to buy a…

I’ve had a lot of emotional thoughts over the past couple of weeks about what’s been happening in America and some of them have not been politically correct. However, talking about race is never politically correct. It’s never the “right time” and it is not considered “civil” conversation.

But how…

Neha Lee

Visual Story Teller.

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